A Hair Transplant Can Give You New, Fuller and Healthier-Looking Hair

A hair transplant can give a person new, fuller and healthier-looking hair. The procedure involves moving healthy hairs from the back of the scalp to bald or thinning areas, usually on the top and front of the head. This can significantly improve your appearance and boost self-confidence.압구정모발이식병원

Many men and women are good candidates for this treatment. People with significant thinning hair and those who have tried other types of hair growth treatments may find that the results they get from this type of surgery are much better. You should talk to your dermatologist about whether a hair transplant is right for you. Dermatologists are doctors who specialize in conditions that affect the skin, nails and hair. They have a lot of experience in performing hair transplants.

Before a hair transplant, your doctor will trim the areas on the sides and back of the scalp that will serve as donor sites for new hair. This process can take several hours. Local and tumescent anesthesia is used to numb these areas. Once the area is numb, your surgeon will remove one strip of hair and skin from the back of your head, which is called the donor site. This can be done using either follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

The healthy hairs that will be moved to the bald or thinning areas are called the recipient sites. These areas are cleaned and numbed before the surgery begins. The surgeon will use a scalpel to create tiny cuts. Then the surgeon will carefully place the healthy hairs in these cuts. During a single session, hundreds or thousands of hairs might be moved to the recipient sites.

Once the hairs are in their new locations, the surgeon will close the wounds. There might be some swelling, but this is normal for most people after a hair transplant. You will need to be careful not to touch the grafts until your doctor tells you it is okay to do so. Typically, it will take a few weeks for the swelling to go away.

After the procedure, your surgeon will give you a prescription for painkillers or antibiotics to reduce the likelihood of infection and other post-procedure problems. You will need to keep the grafts clean and moisturized, and follow any other instructions that your Bosley Physician gives you. If you don’t, the grafts might not grow and you may not see the full results of your procedure. You will need to wait at least a few months before you can begin to see new hair growth. However, it can take up to a year for the final results to appear.모우다의원