A Seed of a Mountain Game Guide

a seed of a mountain

In A Seed of a Mountain, the main theme is the tree cover. The player can walk through the spruce forests or on the snow-covered mountains. However, the cold, powdery snow can trap players in the freezing cold. To overcome these issues, players need to scout and discover the best path.

Ymir’s cold grip

Ymir holds a seed of a mountain in his cold grip. It must be brought to the water in order to grow. To complete this quest, you must find the three ingredients needed. First, you must find the cat’s footfall. Next, you must find the mountain’s root. Lastly, you must find the seed, which Ymir holds in his cold grip.

Taking Root is one of the quests in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You must solve a riddle to find the missing ingredient. Then, you must take a root from a mountain. Taking root is not as easy as it sounds. You have to think outside the box to find a solution to this puzzle.

Asgard’s highest height

The mountain summit of Mt. Asgard is the second-highest point in the Valhalla Ranges of the Selkirk Mountains, standing at 2,825 metres (9,268 feet) above sea level. Featuring twin one-kilometer-high faces, the summit is a sight to behold. The mountain is also shaped like two giant tree trunks. It is considered one of the most beautiful mountains on earth.

The mountain is a synchronization point for players who want to reach Asgard’s highest height. It is found on the southern island, just above the Utangard Chasm. Activating the synchronization point is recommended. Once there, players can look for the seed, which is hidden near a haystack.

X: -144

The first seed you encounter is an impressive one. It is a massive mountain range surrounded by an inlet of ocean biome. On top of that mountain, the game generates an interesting village on a cliffside. There are houses on top and below it, a dock, and a town that looks like an ancient city.

X: -144 is a rare mountain seed. It spawns in a massive snow mountain with endless spruce forests. The main theme is the tree cover, but the player can also walk on the snow covered trees. Be careful, though: snow covered trees can trap you in freezing cold.

Z: 256

You can choose the Z-index and the corresponding seed if you’re looking to make a mountain. This way, you’ll have a large mountain range, with intercutting rivers, waterfalls, and lava flows. It’s also possible to choose a small island in the interior. This is a great place to start for building and taking beautiful screenshots.

The Badlands biome is another nice seed because it offers abundant materials and mineshafts. This seed drops you in a wooded version of the badlands, with two large mountains to the north and east of spawn. It’s also a great location for screenshots since you can find all sorts of useful resources and materials in the area.


The seed spawns in an endless spruce forest, next to a tall mountain of snow. This biome has a lot to offer players, especially gold ores. It also offers many mineshafts. Its tallest mountain is a whopping 209 blocks high, making it nearly as tall as many snowy mountains. You can also walk on the snow covered trees, but beware of the freezing cold!

The stony peaks biome is a vast area of mountain terrain, which can be accessed by traveling south. The ruins of a portal are near the base of the mountain. It is also possible to find useful structures near the spawn point.