Hairline Correction For a More Youthful Appearance

Hairline correction is a cosmetic procedure that repositions the frontal hairline for a more youthful and natural appearance. Oftentimes, a person’s high hairline can cause their forehead to look disproportionately large in relation to the rest of the face. This can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness, and some people seek ways to camouflage this problem by using hats, wigs or simply growing their hair out longer and using styling products. However, for some, this is not enough and they find themselves seeking more drastic methods of treatment. Hairline lowering or advancement as a standalone procedure is a very effective solution to this issue.서면탈모병원

When you meet with a physician for hairline correction, you should always listen to their recommendations regarding the best position of your frontal hairline. The reason that this is important is that a skilled surgeon will have a strong aesthetic sensibility. They will follow the classic “rule of thirds” when determining how to design your new hairline.

In addition, they will understand how a male and female hairline is naturally configured. For example, a male hairline is lower overall on the forehead and typically has an “M” shape with frontal hairs that grow in a forward-facing whorl flow pattern. This contrasts with a female hairline which sits higher on the forehead, has an inverted “U” shape and frontal hairs that grow in a backward-facing whorl flow pattern.

A lot of patients will request that their hairline be brought down to match the way it was when they were young. Unfortunately, this is usually a bad idea for several reasons. The first is that this would require too many hair grafts to accomplish and it will result in a patchy, unnatural appearance. The second reason is that as you age, your temples will continue to recede and a low hairline won’t fit your face as well as it did in your teens.

There is also the matter of symmetry. Most human faces have some degree of left-right asymmetry, and this includes the hairline. In most cases, the asymmetry will not be noticeable and can be camouflaged by the way you style your hair (Thiesen, 2015).

If you are concerned about the position of your hairline, consult with a doctor who is experienced in this procedure. The Lam Institute has a team of surgeons that have extensive experience in this area, and they will ensure that your new frontal hairline is designed to look natural and symmetrical. Additionally, they will make sure that the scars created from this surgery will be as minimal and undetectable as possible. They will take special care in ensuring that they will not be visible when you are wearing your hair down or with a low ponytail. Additionally, they will recommend that you eat a diet rich in protein, biotin, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids in order to encourage healthy hair growth. These nutrients are needed to keep your hair follicles strong and prevent them from becoming damaged.부산탈모병원