It’s Autumn

Its autumn

Fall is the time of year when leaves begin to fall, geese start to fly, and warm coats are worn reluctantly to school. These books will encourage you to embrace this lovely season and its many joys. Eileen Spinelli and Nancy Hayashi encourage readers to take full advantage of all of the fall has to offer.


The word autumn has many meanings and has long been associated with the changing seasons. In some cultures, it’s associated with the change of the year, and in others, it’s associated with the primary harvest. The word has no distinct origin in the United States, but many English-speaking people associate it with fall.

Falling leaves

The coloration of falling leaves in autumn is a product of a tree’s metabolism. As temperatures drop, hormones in the plant secrete substances called abscissins. These chemicals inhibit chlorophyll production, slow down pigment production, and close the veins between the leaf and its stem. As a result, the leaves are ready to fall.

Cooler weather

The cooler weather in autumn usually brings with it a welcome break from the summer heat. But this year’s climate is not looking so good. The Farmers’ Almanac released its extended fall forecast for September and October, and the outlook shows that the country will see cooler temperatures than usual. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, temperatures will be much cooler in much of the West. In late October, heavy snow may fall in the northern Rockies. But there are still some signs of relief on the horizon.

Colorful foliage

Autumn foliage is a spectacular sight to see. Depending on the climate and moisture levels, the leaves can stay vibrant for weeks. However, this process is delayed in areas experiencing drought. The best time to see the fall foliage is from October to November.


Autumn brings a variety of traditions. There are several holidays in the fall, including Halloween and All Saints Day. Fall celebrations can be fun for the whole family, and you can include food, drinks, and costumes.

Songs about autumn

The autumn season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. With warm, rich colors, this season is often associated with Thanksgiving and Halloween. But there is so much more to fall than just those two occasions. Music that captures the mood of autumn can be beautiful and memorable.