The popular menus of the secret Solsot

The popular menus of the secret Solsot Solsot a secret promising franchise of hot pot restaurants that eat in line. Solsot, a premium hot pot restaurant operated by Solsot Co., Ltd., is famous for its brand that you have to eat in line. You can feel that the one-serving pot rice menu is being served, and it has a trendy sensibility, making it stand out in the franchise industry. 프랜차이즈 창업

Reporter Park Gwi-im’s photo, Lee Kyung-seop’s Sol Pot store creates a cozy atmosphere. Sol Pot, which started in Jang-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju in March 2020, drew attention by putting premium pot rice as its main focus. Solsot presents a variety of hot pot rice, including abalone, eel, and cockles, as its representative menus of steak (wagyu) hot pot rice and sea bream hot pot rice.

Side menus that are good to eat with pot rice such as fried shrimp and yuringi are also popular. If you order a hot pot rice menu, a generous one-person meal consisting of salad, salted fish, kimchi, jangguk, seaweed, and exclusive soy sauce will be served. The response to the plating is also good. In the case of steak pot rice, not only egg yolks but also sesame and green onions are neatly placed on the rice, making it more delicious. All pot rice menus are cooked using custom-made pot rice machines.

popular menus

Food ingredients, excluding vegetables and meat for steak pot rice, are delivered to each store in a one-pack through the CK (Central Kitchen) system, so the operation is simple. It is also characterized by the use of special products containing domestic rice and bonito. It takes an average of 12 minutes for a single impression to be completed. In the case of steak pot rice, not only egg yolks but also sesame and green onions are neatly placed on the rice, making it more delicious. It’s been a year since I entered Seoul…Sol Sot, which was born in Gwangju, a nationwide brand growth, succeeded in entering Seoul in a year.

Starting with Yeonnam-dong, it is gaining popularity in major commercial districts such as Hannam-dong, Seongsu-dong, and Sinsa-dong. The same is true in the Seoul metropolitan area such as Suwon and Yongin. Solsot was not a brand created with a franchise in mind. It established a corporation in July last year and started a franchise business in earnest with simple operations such as One Pack and competitiveness in small stores. It is growing into a national franchise brand by opening stores not only in Seoul but also in major commercial districts such as Busan, Daegu, and Ulsan. However, due to the protection of commercial districts, it plans to open only the 100th store and maintain stable operation. It is also excellent in terms of yield.

Among the nine directly operated stores, Yeonnam Branch, the first store in Seoul, recorded 18 pyeong, up to 145 million won in monthly sales. Not only is the unit price high due to the premium concept, but also efficient store design is possible because the hall space is naturally widened due to the minimization of the operation of the kitchen. The response to the development, packaging, and delivery of pot-shaped self-exclusive containers that can last a long time is also positive. All pot rice menus are cooked using custom-made pot rice machines. Efforts to treat a consistently delicious meal – Ha Kyung-jae, the representative pot rice of Solsot Co., Ltd., is known as a healthy food.

Solsot is trying to establish itself as a favorite brand not only for young people but also for middle-aged people by adding trendy sensibility to it. In other words, the concept of premium pot rice, which contains Korean food and sincerity, a long-lasting start-up item, created synergy. Ha Kyung-jae, CEO of Solsot Co., Ltd., said, “I enjoyed eating pot rice when I traveled in Japan, but I was always disappointed that there was no single serving. “We launched the Solsot brand because we thought it would be competitive

if there was a restaurant that sells one-person pot rice in Korea,” he said. CEO Ha Kyung-jae said he wanted to create a small and warm store in a quiet alley. Accordingly, the Solsot interior uses wood finishing materials and furniture to create a cozy atmosphere. It is also harmonized with healthy and warm pot rice, so customer satisfaction is high.