The Ssamkale Effect

If you want to try a delicious new seasonal dish, Ssamkale is definitely worth trying. This Korean dish combines beef with cabbage and greens to make a tasty meal. Although it’s sometimes described as lettuce wraps, this dish is much more than that. It can also be served with ssamjang, which is a Korean condiment made with sesame seeds.

It is wrapped in greens

Ssamkale is Korean for lettuce, and the lettuce is not just any kind of greens. Some greens are much more colorful than others, and some have specific health benefits. Korean lettuce wraps can be filled with meat or fish, rice, pickled vegetables, or other ingredients. They serve as a perfect balance for heavy fatty meats, and they are also rich in anti-oxidants.

It is wrapped in rice

Ssam is a type of Korean food that includes rice wrapped in cabbages, lettuce, or kelp. While this type of ssam is commonly referred to as lettuce wraps, it can be made with a variety of vegetables and not just lettuce. Ssamjang, a spicy Korean chili sauce, is often served alongside.