Acupuncture Ring Effect

The Acupuncture ring effect is believed to have several beneficial effects. They include increased blood flow and stimulation of nerve endings. The effect is also believed to alleviate common cold and flu symptoms. In addition, it is said to relieve pain and reduce the body’s temperature.

Stimulation of nerve endings

In acupuncture, a ring-shaped needle is inserted into a point, stimulating nerve endings. These nerves are located in the subcutaneous tissue and include sympathetic nerves and lymphatic vessels. Common cells and fibers that respond to acupuncture stimulation include fibroblasts, mast cells, plasma cells, and collagen fibers. These cells respond biochemically and mechanically to stimulation from the needle. There are also receptors in the muscle, such as the Golgi tendon organ and muscle spindles. These receptors sense the stretch or tension in the muscle and respond to acupuncture needling.


Vasodilation after acupuncture is the effect of widening of blood vessels in the body. This increase in blood flow decreases blood pressure, and helps the body better manage temperature. Several factors contribute to the effect.

Relief of common cold and flu symptoms

Acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including colds and flu. These illnesses are caused by inflamed bronchial tubes and lead to mucus production in the lungs. In contrast to a cold, which feels more like chest congestion, a flu is more severe and requires medical intervention.

Yin and Yang in TCM

Yin and Yang are a pair of opposite energies that compete for dominance in nature. Though they have opposite characteristics, they still act in harmony and are complementary to one another. Oftentimes, the two opposite forces can transform into one other to restore balance to a situation or person. However, this process only occurs when conditions are right for a transformation to take place. This is most evident in the cycle of the seasons and elements.

CGRP as a vasodilator

The Acupuncture ring effect is a mechanism for improving blood flow to the affected area. It is thought to increase the flow of blood to the area by releasing a number of neuropeptides, including histamine and CGRP. These neuropeptides increase blood flow by promoting healing and facilitating formation of new blood vessels.